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“Thank you so much for an amazing night on Thursday at the CWIB Launch Event , and for being so generous in promoting our event in your programme and speech. I felt so inspired on the train on the way home - not just from the speeches, but how warm and friendly everyone was. You've created a really lovely thing - long may it continue!”

“ Wow, what an evening yesterday! You must be so thrilled. Such a positive, uplifting environment with so many female powerhouses in one room”

"Thank-you for putting on such a great event. I left feeling really inspired and hopeful for the future, that there are alot of companies out there actually trying to work with mother nature and not against.. the tide is turning!"

"CWIB is a welcome initiative that will empower many women to take control of their finances and invest in a socially responsible way. It focuses on the future – the financial future of women and that of the world we live in."

"I really enjoyed the CWIB launch, a great vibe and really genuine people, I think it fills a definite gap. Is it possible to be 'in finance' and live according to your values? The answer is 'yes' for the women running CWIB and they're providing a place of other women to think about their money without disregarding their values."

Thank you so much for inviting me to the event last night. It was a inspiring evening and I feel like I’ve met some really incredible women and had some great conversations . You and Joanna made us all feel so welcome and I genuinely can’t wait for the next CWIB meeting in March."